From the Battery to the Hudson Highlands & Beyond
John Dowdell cruising by the lower Battery.

Bob Huszar in his whitewater boat, on a circumnavigation of Manhattan, with the U.N. in the background.

And later, during the same Manhattan circumnavigation, we are travelling up the Harlem River.
Dave & Pif with the Intrepid looming in the background.
Two Racers on the Raritan River.
G. W. bridge with the famous Little Red Lighthouse in the background.
The view from the other side of the bridge.
Steve Cohen and his son exploring Pier 63.
A rest stop in front of an abandoned ferry.

A  lunch break on the steps of an old lighthouse

One of the group kayak-camping trips.

The crew of the longest circumnavigation.
Every day paddling around Manhattan.

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