The Secret Bike Maps of New York
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the Hudson

(G.W. bridge, the 
Little Red Lighthouse & the Hoboken Ferry)

Bike to 
Spuyten Duvel

(Inwood Park & 

Bike to
City Island

(Inwood Park, & the Mosholu/Bronx River/Pelham Parkway Bike Trail)

Jamaica Bay

(The Nine Bridge Tour)

Ocean Parkway to
Coney Island

(The Brooklyn Bridge & a 100 year-plus bike trail)

Verrazano Narrows to
Coney Island

(The Brooklyn Bridge & a cross neighborhood tour)

All the bike trips listed below are plotted to take you to the most interesting places with the least amount of traffic and aggravation.  In 99% of the cases, that also means traveling in the legal direction of mandated traffic flow.  There are, however, a few instances where it is necessary to travel opposite traffic on some one-way street.  In those short instances, please walk your bike. Also, while we strive for the smoothest, debris-free roadways we can find, it's still New York -- so bring a patch kit.

Also, please note that while the maps are roughly proportional, the focus is not on scale but on a schematic that is easily read by the geographically impaired.

If you note any errors, or have any additional information that will augment a trip or improve the information posted, or if you have a favorite trip that you'd like to post, please contact the